Here are some digital marketing trends for 2017 which will definitely help you formulate effective marketing strategies.

Content marketing and story-telling

We have seen in recent years how important content marketing is. Unlike traditional advertising, it is more about using story-telling to spread the message across a targeted audience. The underlying idea is to reach customers and this can be done via blog posts, social media posts, videos, email campaigns and newsletters.

Talking of the power of story-telling, Super Bowl LI ads are a good example. It proves that advertisements that are stories or short films are the most talked-about ones. For instance, Budweiser's ad revealed the story of its founders and Snickers had a live ad in a western themed scene but undoubtedly, the most striking one was 84 Lumber’s ad that touched many hearts with its story of a mother and daughter trying to cross wall from Mexico to America. Though Fox network refused to broadcast the entire advertisement, viewers went to company's website to see the end.

Email campaigns and newsletters

No, email marketing is not dead! On the contrary, emails and newsletters are doing very well in 2017. And automated email campaign is another digital marketing trend this year. With automation, it’s easier to reach the right customer at the right time with right content. Therefore, this year, we will see greater personalization and segmentation in order to grab the attention of an audience that’s already overwhelmed with offers.

Another important strategy that companies will have to adopt is addition of shopping cart in e-mail. With this, customers can be reminded of any incomplete purchase in their cart and they will be able to complete the transaction through e-mail itself without having to return to the website. Moreover, this will allow companies to make customized suggestions for products and services, thus increasing the conversion rates.

Mobile Marketing

Gone are the times when mobile marketing was done only by SMS. Nowadays, most people use social networking apps on their smartphones or tablets and feel comfortable shopping through handsets. Hence, businesses must take this into account and increase their smartphone presence. Moreover, with the advent of geo-location apps, local merchants can do proximity marketing more easily now. Also, mobile messaging apps such as Snapchat and Messenger are now more popular than ever and it would be foolish if companies do not grab this opportunity.

Big Data and Data Analysis

Expect customer data analysis to be even more important in the coming years. Businesses can improve customer experience significantly through what we call Big Data or Super Data. It allows them to retrieve and analyze customer information and accordingly forecast potential trends. With the ability to gauge customer needs, businesses can potentially increase the sales of their products and services. At the same time, it will be more challenging for companies to unify the vision of their customers since there is too much of information. The good thing is that there are many varied data management platforms which makes the job a bit easy.

IT and Experts’ support

To benefit from data collection and analysis, computing is necessary. So, it will gain more importance in coming years. It’s essential that companies surround themselves with experts and analytical tools such as Google Analytics. This will help them develop and execute their digital marketing strategies. It’s useless if companies allot a large digital marketing budget but are unable to respond well to their customers afterwards.