La Pantry

Web production and Content Management System development.

Production of the website in its various screen formats (adaptive design) and design of a Content Managment System platform.

Client Agence Braque

The context

Quebecers are growing more passionate about eating a healthier diet, and traditional cuisine is making way for international flavours to seep into our kitchens. Inspired by the sheer simplicity of days gone by, the chefs at La Pantry Cordon Bleu have created a range of gourmet sauces using the highest quality ingredients. 

Agencies Braque, Hubrid, and Barnik wanted to provide users of the La Pantry Cordon Bleu platform with a simple yet efficient experience. Blax was hired to handle the HTML integration and programming, as well as implement its in-house content management solution (Difuzo CMS). 

The result is an adaptive platform powered by a high-performance CMS that has the capacity to integrate and connect multiple layers of independent third-party data (Instagram).


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