Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is definitely one of the major emerging trends. Kiosks of companies in this segment received an overwhelming response. At Samsung kiosk, visitors could try VR headsets and at Krush, they could test Moveo, a VR flight simulator. It is clear that many practical and playful applications are possible. We will have to wait and see how this technology evolves to take place in our daily life.

Samsung and virtual reality headset

Internet-connected vehicles

According to a report by IHS Automotive, the number of internet-connected vehicles could reach 152 million by 2020 as compared to 23 million in 2015. It’s not surprising then that leading car manufacturers like Mercedes and BMW participated in CES 2016 to present their new-age prototype models. At Mercedes kiosk, visitors could not only see the prototype but also learn about the ‘Mercedez me connect’ app through which one can access the information about vehicle status, program the auxiliary heater and remotely open doors. On the other hand, BMW presented its BMW i3 model, which thanks to its integrated SIM card, is totally interconnected with the outside world.

Mercedes connected prototype

Wearables or Smart clothing

Quebec-based Hexoskin was here to showcase their line of smart clothes which allows one to monitor vital signs during work-out. The company was founded in Montreal in 2006 with a mission to create products that can store and organize user’s personal health information so as to make it accessible and useful. Hexoskin is also the only clinically validated system that allows cardiac monitoring with lung functioning. In future, the company hopes to develop applications for health care, chronic disease management, security & defense as well as space exploration missions.

Engadget's coverage on Hexoskin - wearable body metrics from Quebec


At Intel kiosk, visitors could experience the Curie module that’s integrated into a wristband and detects arm gestures, allowing the wearer to control images on large screen. Thanks to its small size and low power consumption, Intel Curie can be used as wearables as well as for other consumer and industrial products. It could possibly make your running shoes give all statistics during your next race or make your next smartwatch even smarter. Or, like this year at CES 2016, it could be integrated into interactive and virtual reality games.

The new Fitbit Blaze watch


Drones are everywhere and are now available in all sizes. Advent of drone taxis, made by Chinese company Ehang, proves the same. Ehang has given us the first civilian drone that can carry passengers. The machine looks like a helicopter but has four propellers and can carry only one person at a time, who together with luggage cannot weigh more than 100 kg. Similarly, French company Parrot was there to present its Parrot Disco model, which won 8 awards at the show. Equipped with 1080p HD camera, it is the first fixed-wing drone that can get up to 80 km/h for flights of up to 45 minutes.

Drone taxi EHANG

Undoubtedly, CES was a huge success once again. It attracted more than 170,000 visitors this time. So much to see and discover! Now, we cannot wait for CES 2017, where we will be present for sure!