Back-End Web Developer

Full-time position to be filled (Remote Working, Greater Montreal and/or Montreal South Shore).

Job Description

Our technology team is a dynamic group of Front-End and Back-end developers who produce and maintain web and mobile sites and applications for our customers with the goal of generating “Wow” as a reaction to project delivery.

Rather than working with all-in-one CMS (such as Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla), we carry out our projects with platforms (framework) such as Laravel using a template machine such as TWIG in order to have full control over the appearance of our projects.

Canadian work permit required, and residency in the Montréal area required. 


The back-end web developer is responsible for producing and developing the back-end PHP layer that supports the front-end code (TWIG, HTML, JS), maintaining our clients' site management tools and assisting in the deployment of their sites (hosted under Linux). We can say that the work of developer backend consists in both doing his work and supporting the Front-end developers daily in their work.

Under the responsibility of the Technology Director, the developer will touch on several platform projects of all kinds, respecting the frameworks and requirements of the specifications but integrating a good dose of personal initiative.

Several projects consist in modifying sites with old platforms, often inherited from other firms (sometimes still in PHP 5.3 or even 5.2!), but the new projects follow the following technological stack (stack):

  • PHP Platform: Laravel, in MVC structure
  • ORM: Eloquent
  • Jig: Twig, via Twigbridge (managed by Front-end developers)
  • Collaboration methodology: Gitflow, via Gitlab.
  • Development spaces under LAMP, with Cloudlinux and Cpanel

All of this managed with Kanban, with Jira


  • The web developer must be comfortable with project management frameworks that vary from project to project and must be able to work as a team on files of different sizes (from 2 hours to 4 years!).
  • 3 to 5 years experience in a similar position*
  • At least 2 years of MVC development, with a Framework supporting MVC (e.g.: Symfony, Laravel, Codeigniter, etc…)
  • In-depth knowledge in PHP (5.2 to 7.2 and above), MYSQL
  • At least 2 years of team-based experience with GIT
  • Creating scripts in PHP as an AJAX end-point
  • Have created REST-API server scripts in PHP
  • Know the Linux command line and the bases of operations on Linux servers under Cpanel
  • Knowledge and proficiency in web design standards
  • Experience in performing insurance tests
  • Ability to write internal technical documentation
  • Portfolio and/or online references required
  • Self-organizing ability within Kanban while respecting priorities
  • Capacity or interest in Dev-Ops, such as CI/CD automation under gitlab, Gallera cluster management, Apache load balancers, NAS servers, etc… with availability for emergencies 
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or other relevant training
  • Excellent communication in French


  • Understanding of Gitflow (will be taught if missing)
  • Basic knowledge in Javascript and Twig to help the Front-End team (very occasional)
  • Proficiency in Laravel and Eloquent (to be learned if missing)
  • Knowledge of Codeigniter (to maintain some old projects)
  • Understanding of Domain Driven Design (will be taught if missing)
  • Knowledge of English

*The position involves an intermediate experience Backend developer, but high quality junior candidates with excellent training and a well-filled portfolio will not be automatically rejected if they meet all other criteria.


About Us

Blax Web & Design is a digital agency with a human dimension, specializing in the strategy, design and production of websites, mobile applications and brand platforms. Our offices are located in the Greater Montreal Area (Montreal and Boucherville on the South Shore). Only selected candidates will be called for an interview. We sincerely want to thank all applicants for showing an interest in this position. Blax promotes employment equity.

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