Brand platform development and communication tool design.

Create a powerful, recognizable and relevant brand. Conceive and develop a set of communication and promotional means reflecting the highly innovative and revolutionary position of this brand. Building on the concepts of connectivity and performance, which are its pillars, to appeal to a clientele composed primarily of professional and semi-professional athletes.

The context

Hexoskin wanted to create a distinguishable brand that would display a style which combines connectivity with enhanced, athletic performances. Once created, the brand's offers had to be developed on digital and traditional medias such as packaging and sales tools as well as on an Ecommerce website.

Hexoskin is a smart-shirt able to collect body metrics as well as vital signs at a professional and reliable level. Professional and semi-professional athletes Hexoskin's targeted market.

Smart objects, wearable technologies, Internet of things as well as automations are the next big things. Connecting the human body to clothing that monitors vital signs is still a significant challenge considering the variable physiognomy of every human body.

Hexoskin - Packaging

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